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    not at all what I expected

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    Even though it was hot as balls we had a blast at Mad Decent Block Party in Nashville today with @lucyskighwalker. We want to thank @diplo for such a fantastic experience. Maybe next year won’t be so damn hot. #MDBP2014 #NASHVILLE #Diplo #RiffRaff #ZedsDead #BigGigantic #TJR #Griz #ProjectPat #ISeeMonstas #TwoNine

    Diplo and Riff Raff tiptoeing in their Jordans #MDBP2014 #NASHVILLE @lucyskighwalker

    #MDBP2014 #NASHVILLE with @lucyskighwalker. Can’t wait to see @diplo!

    It’s finally here! Tonight at 9pm at Hartselle Civic Center just after the Jamboree game Gamma Phi will be hosting Neon Nites. Admission is just $5 per person. We’ll be giving away tons of glowsticks, bracelets, and handful of shirts. We’ll also have a great display of lights, effects, and music for you to enjoy. Come dance the night away with MacRoss from 9-9:25 and then with @d3uxm3cz from 9:30pm-12am. Wear crazy colors and lots of glowsticks. It’s going to be wild. #GPNeonNites #GammaPhi #RageTheNightAway #TurnUp

    Pretty stoked to spend Saturday in Nashville with bae at #MDBP2014 #MadDecent #RaveCouples


    Video: Nick Offerman Recites Some Profound Shower Thoughts [gifs via]

    My #wcw will always be my sweet Harper Grace. From the second I laid eyes on her she has taken up every ounce of love in my heart. Even though she drives me absolutely crazy going through this pissy teething stage the very second she passes out on my chest it makes all of the stress and anxiety worth it. There’s nothing better in this world than being a dad. #BlueEyedGirl #LifeOfAPrincess #BabySelfies

    2 DAYS AWAY. Tag your friends. Tell everyone. It’s going to be a party to remember. We’re bringing the latest hip-hop, electronic, and trap remixes to you for 3 solid hours. Come dance the night away with @d3uxm3cz and Gamma Phi this Friday night at 9pm at Hartselle Civic Center just after the Jamboree game. #NeonNites #HHS #D3UXM3CZ #HipHop #Electronic #Trap #RageTheNightAway #TurnUp #TwonkTeam #PLURNT


    When people ask me to lead them in prayer

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    ONLY 3 DAYS AWAY. That paper sketch brought us here. It’s make or break. Our good friend MacRoss will be opening at 9pm for the first half hour to set the mood and then @d3uxm3cz will come on strong at 9:30pm and go wild all night. We’ll be giving away tons of free glowsticks, kandi bracelets, and tshirts! And we have a few tricks in store. So don’t miss out. #NeonNites #GlowHardOrGoHome #RageTheNightAway #FreeStuff


    what a strange dog 

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